PHP Rapid Development MVC Framework

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What is Sky?

SKY was written with the developer in mind. It adheres to the MVC architectural pattern used in many other software engineering projects. One of the key features of SKY is that it is extremely easy to learn and use. Don't get overwhelmed by "big" and "fancy" frameworks that try to do EVERYTHING. SKY does web apps, and it does it very well. I use SKY for all of my projects because I can get up and running in minutes and can start working on what I need to work on, right away.

Getting Started.

Now that you have decided to use SKY, lets make sure you have the minimum requirements to install SKY.

You will need:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • Apache (Currently only tested on Apache)
  • Recommended:
    • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

SKY has only been tested under Ubuntu 12.04 and above and GoDaddy's Linux Hosted Shared servers. I will describe how to install SKY in both the Ubuntu version and GoDaddy servers.


Installing under Ubuntu 12.04 and up

Let's clone SKY into a base directory. I usually use /var/www/
Make sure you can write to the /var/www directory before executing the following code!

user@ubuntumachine: $ cd /var/www
user@ubuntumachine: $ git clone skycore

Now let's make sure you can access SKY from the command line now. Run the following in your terminal:

user@ubuntumachine: $ echo -e "export SKYCORE=/var/www/skycore\nexport PATH=$PATH:$SKYCORE/bin" >> ~/.bashrc

That will "register" SKYCORE and the /bin directory in the path of your terminal and allow you to call sky. To test this out do the following:

user@ubuntumachine: $ cd /var/www
user@ubuntumachine: $ sky help

That should show you the current version of SKY that you have installed followed by some useful sky commands.

GoDaddy Installation instructions comming soon!

Installed! What's next?

Now that you have installed SKY and you have checked that you can use the sky command, let's create a new app!

We start by running the following command where we want to create the new SKY app For this example we will continue to work under /var/www:

user@ubuntumachine: $ cd /var/www
user@ubuntumachine: $ sky new myappname
user@ubuntumachine: $ cd myappname

The sky new myappname will create the initial SKY app structure. You can now point your Apache server to that directory and you will see SKY's initial app page.

Inside your shiny new SKY app you will find the following directories:

File/Folder Purpose
app/ Contains the controllers, models, views, mailers and services for your application.
configs/ Configure your application's runtime rules, routes, database, and more.
lib/ Contains plugins to extends your Application, tasks, and temporary files like cache and such.
log/ Application log files.
public/ In this directory you can place files that will be accessed from outside the Application. IE: images, javascript, and CSS.
test/ This directory holds the tests you can run for your Application. It includes the fixtures as well!
.htaccess The HTACCESS file will allow the Application to route requests to SKY and your Application.